Due to the growth of large construction and the ongoing upgrading of property portfolio’s and facilities, it has become increasingly difficult to recruit individuals with the right skills in the installation sector.


In addition, the proficiency’s required have increased, which means that in many professional segments there are a limited number of qualified candidates to choose from.


Avancos has a wide network within many areas of expertise in the installation sector. In an industry where the most sought-after candidates change companies through their own network, we are well positioned to reach out to candidates within our network that would not necessarily be visible to the employer and are not actively looking for a new career opportunity.


Areas expertise we have recruited for include:

  • HVAC
  • Projection electricity and Telecom
  • Audit Inspection
  • Installation Coordination
  • Project Management
  • Fire Technology
  • Lighting

Please contact us to get further insight and explore if we can assist you, or alternatively, have someone in our network that would be relevant for your recruitment needs.