The infrastructure sector is expanding heavily in Sweden. A lack of competency’s in combination with the fact that many foreign companies establish themselves in Sweden makes it increasingly difficult to find the right Talent.


Avancos has experienced consultants specializing in recruitment for the infrastructure sector as well as a solid network, system and process to reach out to experienced professionals. In some areas of excellence, we have access to 80% of qualified candidates who are usually not reached by advertising, your own network or through other recruitment channels.


Areas expertise we have recruited for include:

  • Project Management
  • Bridge Construction
  • Road Construction
  • Plant Construction
  • Calculation and Cost Estimation
  • Buyer
  • Production Planning
  • Geotechnics
  • Site Management
  • Business Development
  • Rail
  • High Speed Rail
  • Tunneling


Please contact us to get further insight and explore if we can assist you, or alternatively, have someone in our network that would be relevant for your recruitment needs.

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